Rear Adm Robert Stevens, CB


It is with great pleasure that I can announce Rear Adm Robert Stevens, CB has accepted my offer of membership to to Association.

A career that included:

CO HMS Odin 1979-81CO qualifying course HMS Dolphin 1983-85COHMS Torbay 1985-88USN War Coll 1988-89asst dir Strategic SystemsMOD 1989-91Capt 7 Frigate Sqdn and CO HMS Argonaut 1992-93,memb Navy Presentation Team 1993-94dir Jt Warfare MOD 1994-98,Flag Offr Submarines 1998-2001Cdr Submarines (NATOE Atlantic1998-2001COS (Opsto C-in-C Fleet 1998-2001COS COMNAVSOUTH2002-05

Rear Adm Robert Stevens was the Argonauts last Captain and we are pleased to have him onboard.


£550 raised so far …..

A big thank you to all those who have donated towards the Memorial fund. Please donate as little or as much as you can as every penny counts.

A new Facebook page has been created so all the updates and information can be kept in one place. If you are not on Facebook don’t worry I will keep you updated through this website.


Arctic Star

Dear Lorraine – Please contact me again about the following as we did not record an email address for you the first time.

Please follow this link for information on the Arctic star - I believe that the Argonaut does qualify by vert of her trip to Murmansk in October 1942.

The following is the eligibility and you will see it states not exclusively for the Arctic Convoys.

The Arctic Star is awarded for operational service of any length north of the Arctic Circle, defined as 66° 32’ North Latitude. The inclusive qualifying period of service is 3 September 1939 to 8 May 1945. Though the Arctic Star is intended to recognize the service of personnel in the Arctic convoys of World War II, other members of the military and civilians may qualify. Eligibility is defined as follows:[3]

  • Royal Navy and Merchant Navy personnel must have served anywhere at sea north of the Arctic Circle including, but not limited exclusively to, those ships participating in, and in support of convoys to North Russia.

Original Email

“We recently applied for an Arctic Convoy medal for my late Grandfather, Harold Rumely Thorpe who served on the HMS Argonaut during WW2. We were told that he could not have a medal because the ship was not involved in the Arctic Convoy. Please could i ask if this Is this correct? many thanks, Lorraine”