The Association was originally set up by crew members of the Dido class cruiser headed by Fred Wood who had been the Chief Petty Officer writer during the Second World War. Other founding members were Tom Bartlett (PO Cook), Pat Doubleday, and Fred Vesty. 

We have members from all around the world and provides an important link in keeping old shipmates in touch with one another. The only way the Association will survive is by joining up.

We hold annual reunions the first of which took place in 1984 at the Masonic Hall in Portsmouth, England. They have moved around and at one point it was held in Middlesex however the reunion moved back to Portsmouth as this was the home of the Dido Class Cruiser however in the hope we might recruit more Leander members and as such we held the 2007 and reunion in Plymouth for the first time at the Royal Fleet Club Devonport this was a great success with a service held for our lost shipmates.

The Association was originally set up so shipmates could keep in touch with each other however as time passes by it has become more important to record the stories of those who gave so much in our time of need. We aim to be a point of reference for schools when they are researching topics involving WW2 & the Falklands conflict.

This site is for everyone with an interest in the ships of the Royal Navy. If you would like to join the Association then please visit the websites store.

Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the site and it’s content as you can appreciate the task of gathering accurate accounts of more than one ships life is quite demanding and discrepancies can occur. So if you have any information on any of the ships mentioned on this site please contact the Association by using the contact page .

Adam Phillips – Association Secretary

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Third Rate Ship of the Line

“Le Jason” was launched on the 13th February 1779 in the port of Toulon she was designed by Joseph-Marie-Blaise Coulomb. 

On the 19th April, 1782, The two decked 64-gun French third-ra

Diadem Class Cruiser

“Argonaut was deployed in the Far East from 1900 – 1904 During this time the ships Captain “Captain G.H. Cherry” ruled the ship with a rod of iron issuing around 600 warrant punishments. Captain Cherry was just as tough on the officers with only four remaining aboard throughout the commission.”

Dido Class Cruiser

“The courage of the crew enabled her to cross the Atlantic after she had received a barrage of torpedoes, and skilled workers replaced her bow and stern. The Germans had every reason to believe they spoke the truth when they proclaimed they had sunk the Argonaut, said the Navy Department, for a spread of fish fired by a submarine just before dawn blew off her bow and blasted away her entire stern, including her rudder and two of her propellers.”

Leander Class Frigate

“On Monday, the 19th April ,1982, a newly-commissioned HMS Argonaut left Devonport Dockyard with HMS Ardent and two Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels – her destination the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. The ship was to join the existing naval task force in San Carlos Bay. Under the command of Captain Layman RN”

“1992 was also a busy time for the Argonaut. Her last major operation was the capture of Roderick Newall, wanted for questioning by police over the murder of his parents.” 

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The HMS Argonaut Association and friends are raising money in the aim of erecting a permanent memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum for those crew who have lost their lives while serving onboard any of the the ships that have held the name Argonaut.

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