HMS Argonaut Leander


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6 thoughts on “HMS Argonaut Leander

  1. Carl Jensen

    Hey Lenny, How are you, thought your legs would have worn out years ago!!! be good to catch up. Jenny.

  2. Jennyl Jensen

    Hi,, How are you? sorry mate, you must have mixed up your fots up as I was the anchor faced hard working AB that kept the ship afloat covering for everyone else….sorry to disapoint…you can now destroy the fot to avoid causeing someone else any embaracement…jenny jensen.

  3. Phil goss

    Hello jenny I think I might just dig that photo out and stick it on my Facebook site for gavs etc to add some comments lol. Not sure if ure on fb but there are several of us on there like gavs, banjo, thommo etc. Sad about H mate he was on fb also and gavs went to see him in tenerife. If ure on fb look me up under Phil goss. Cheers ears

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