Old members list

Please see a list of members and ex members below. Those in grey have I’m afraid  crossed the bar.


If you object to your name being published please contact the Association and I will remove it. Or if you have any additional information / amendments then I will be please to update the list.


3 thoughts on “Old members list

  1. Mick Pipkin ex CPO STWD

    I am trying to trace all senior rate stewards ref reunion June 2013.
    Any contacts may use my e mail address

  2. Brian Thornton

    Hello Mick, what are the details of the reunion please. I was a LSTD and then the POSTD in Argonaut (87 to 91 – about 4 years I recall). I left the service in 2001 as an SD Lieutentant (now extinct!) and have really had no contact since so would welcome a chance to catch up.

    Brian Thornton

    Facebook = Brian Cunningham-Thornton
    Linkedin = Brian Cunningham-Thornton

  3. Michael Pipkin

    Hi Brian,
    the following is the info you require.
    The date for the dinner is sat 8th June 2013.
    The venue is the King Charles Hotel,Gillingham,Kent.
    The dinner is formal and a ladies night,we thought it
    was time to treat the girls.
    If you send me an e mail direct I can send you a booking
    form,to deal with the hotel direct,this makes thing alot
    My e mail is mickypip@hotmail.com
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours Aye.
    Mick Pipkin

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