John Field

Just happened upon this web site. I joined the fighting F56 in Swan Hunters yard. Think it was 1968. Did the first commish on there. Good trip, right round the world. Would like to hear from anyone interested in getting in touch with me. I am now living in Mid Wales. Contact the Assosiation  

Gracie / Fido / Fiddler

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  1. Mike France

    Joined late 1968 Comms. branch – left on de-commission in Devonport 1969. Only about a dozen of us stayed onboard to hand over to next commission.

  2. pmc avinnie

    i stood by argonaut,it wasnt swans yard,but hawthorn leslies shipbuilders of hebburn co durham side of the tyne,

  3. Mike Gould

    I remember John Field very well from when I was an OD in the junior mess before moving into the comms mess with Mike France. I still have the original commissioning book with the original crew listed. Regards to all old 56ers Mike Gould (ex golly)

  4. Jim Peggie

    I remember you Gracie, a stokey boy always hanging around our galley door which was by the engine room hatch.

    And you as well Oscar, although you were a deck ape you always made sure we chefs got plenty of Queens. The rum issue used to be in a for’d flat near the gun bay.

    Cheers lads. Jim Peggie ex cook first commish F56.

  5. Fraser Lees (Townsey)

    Just come across this website and see that one or two of you were around in the Hawthorn Leslie time. I was also there as a JREM we went to sea 4 or 5 times under the red ensign before the ship was handed over to the RN. Left the ship in Sydney (Aus 1969 ish) cannot remember the exact dates.
    Any others on there during that time?

  6. Mike Gould

    Hi Townsey
    I was also onboard for the first world trip and can remember you. I was a junior golly when she left blighty. I still have the original commish book with original crew listed.


    Mike Gould

  7. Geoff Cooper ME1

    I was on first comish too, left her after world cruise.
    has anybody pictures etc: of the huge wave like a tsuname while crossing from Fiji to Canada.

  8. John Gaitskell

    Hi Geoff.I joined in Sydney for the journey home.No photies of the “wave” but I do remember it being a bit lumpy,it turfed me out of my pit as OOD entered on his evening rounds.If I recall,you lived near B. on Trent.I live near Lichfield now.

  9. John Field

    Hmm, just browsing. Came across this site and this post about me! I was on the fighting F56 first commish. Roy Card; Windy Gale; Jock Evans etc etc. Great commish, had a good trip right round the world. Finished my last 11 years as a P.O.G.I Left in 1981. Sermi retired now, part time coach driver

  10. Iain Dempster

    It made me smile when I read some of the comments on here. I was a junior stoker on the Argonaut on the first commission and joined the ship in Hebburn. To be immediately bussed off to Rosyth with some of the other juniors for an expedition in the highlands because the ship couldn’t accommodate us. Great times were also had during our time with NATO and the Far East tour.

  11. Tommy Chamberlain

    Joined F56 in Fiji early Oct 1969 after chasing her all round the far east. Remained on board till March 1972. Really enjoyed that commish. Does anyone remember Typhoon Rose when we were rounded up from the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong and had to sail through it and turn around to come back to the devistation of the aftermath

  12. Phil Riggs

    I joined two days before commissioning at Hebburn in 1967 as a EM 18 years of age. When I arrived onboard no one knew why I was there. Luckily they let me stay and I left in January 1970. I did the full round the globe trip and had a great time. I remember the world of apartheid in Captetown, Beira Patrol, Silversands rest camp Mombasa, GAN, The long stay in Singapore(where I had my first TOT ashore in terror). I remember the Incident when HMAS Melbourne limped in to Singers after crunching the USS Evans, The storm near Hong Kong, Taking tons of food to Suva from Sydney. Crossing the international date line and the really bad pacific storm. The fun in Hawaii. I enjoyed Canada, California, The panama, the Caribbean and the journey home. I remember we lost a few crew on the journey mainly in Australia and Canada ( I wonder if they were ever found or did they find a better life). All in all a fantastic ship and crew and trip. I have great memories. I have a soft copy of the trip book
    Does anyone remember me onboard?

  13. Bill Roberts

    Phil Riggs-Yes I remember you very well Phil. Bill Roberts is the name and just in case you need to jog your memory look at the photo in the trip book and you will see me sat on the floor to your right behind Ginge Wetherill and in front of Gerry Brooks. I was handsome in those days.
    I joined eight mess as a tiff apprentice in the December before the ship left on that marvellous cruise and was immediately welcomed by a great bunch of blokes and that night got straight into the swing of things by going down the pub. There are a couple of runs ashore which stick out in my mind and I am sure we were together: Singapore being shown around by the Devil Dodger we had brought with us from Mombassa and managing to give him the slip when we got to Bougis Street, Suva going homers with a local who had been selling outrigger canoe models in the Burma Road and I had invited him down the mess at tot time and when we got to his hut his wife got the turtle shell out and started to make some kava for us, well it would have been rude to refuse, and finally a darts match in a church hall in New Zealand which was brilliant and afterwards we went round to some blokes house who thought it would be a good idea to invite jolly jack home for a drink- pity his wife wasn’t of the same mind.
    Anyhow Phil if you would like to get in touch here’s my e-mail address
    I hope to hear from you

  14. roger gowlett

    My name is Roger Gowlett, I joined in late 68 as an LREM looking after the UHF office, remember ship very well as I had a dear john from my first wife in Canada, It was great to go home the other way for a change, Panama Canal and all that.

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